Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sticker nails

At the grocery store have you ever past by the make up section and see the collection of sticker nail polish by sally hansen? Well i always do and i am so tempted to by them but i always feel like it will be a scam and not work, but thanks to my best pal MALPAL (mallory jarvis) while we were in California this weekend she had them on her nails and they looked GREAT! So i picked some up at the grocery store last night and they are amazing so easy and cute! Best thing about them is they last 10days ( well that's what they say, but we will see about that) anyways they have cute plain colors and all different types of prints. They also worked great on my toes as well. I did the fun leopard print on my nails and toes. When you put them on to form them to your nails there will be excess sticker left over so i decided to put them on my toes! They are really fun and easy i recommend that you try them ASAP!


  1. Is the bottom picture your nails? I now need to go get some and try it out!

  2. You would. Love them! I ought to get some :]