Monday, August 29, 2011

My office

Since i now work from home i had to come up with an office in my house with the space that i have. My sister had the perfect corner desk that i snagged from her garage when she was moving that i knew would fit perfect in one of my corners. I forgot to take a before pic of the desk i painted, but this is the exact one.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The pixie cut

So one sunday night we were all discussing the PIXIE cut its either a love it or hate it thing. I certainly love it on certain people who can pull it off great i certainly wish i could be one of those people but i am not daring enough. We are currently trying to talk our friend mallory Jarvis into cutting her gorgeous locks into a fun pixie cut. We all agreed it would look fabulous on her. Here on some really cute ideas i have found i just love them all!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

make over!

When we moved in to our place there was just nasty plain wood cabinet doors. To spoof things up a bit i put some cute knobs on them till i got around to painting them, but of course i took forever to get around to that. Finally i decided i needed to do something about 7 months later... Instead of painting them i decided to do something more fun. I got some super cute wallpaper from It was on sale for 47.99 and it came with a lot!

Before... Nasty

After... pretty

Friday, April 22, 2011


I Have been in such a mood to decorate, i always want to change my house or change the paint on everything i see. Its crazy how different painting one of your old dressers can do to your room. This summer my sisters and i are going to start re-doing a bunch of furniture and selling it we are really excited! Here are couple of pictures i found that i thought were really cute ideas to do to things you can find at thrift stores...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sticker nails

At the grocery store have you ever past by the make up section and see the collection of sticker nail polish by sally hansen? Well i always do and i am so tempted to by them but i always feel like it will be a scam and not work, but thanks to my best pal MALPAL (mallory jarvis) while we were in California this weekend she had them on her nails and they looked GREAT! So i picked some up at the grocery store last night and they are amazing so easy and cute! Best thing about them is they last 10days ( well that's what they say, but we will see about that) anyways they have cute plain colors and all different types of prints. They also worked great on my toes as well. I did the fun leopard print on my nails and toes. When you put them on to form them to your nails there will be excess sticker left over so i decided to put them on my toes! They are really fun and easy i recommend that you try them ASAP!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer Hats

Its summer time now

and its time to get those cute summer hats out to protect our face. we dont want no skin damage right ladies!

Here are some super cute hat ideas....

We do not want to see any of these...

These are not perfect hats... for any season

Here are some cute ideas for some hats i found at the Orange county swap meet. They are super cheap. I know target and forever 21 have some very cute summer hats. So come on ladies and get the big hat out, the bigger the better. Lets protect our faces!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Annual cul-de-sac crew gils trip

This years girls trip to the beach house was a blast!

we got to go see wicked, be on the talk, shop,eat, and be on EXTRA.

a special thank you to the Goodmans for making this trip possible every year!

All of us at WICKED
Nice run on the beach At the TALK
(We were front row!)
(The Host)

A.C. slater and jessie reunite
Yes i had to sit on the ground
Best Churros ever at the swap meet